tisdag 3 augusti 2010


risk taker, easy going, outgoing, social, open, rule breaker, thrill seeker, life of the party,
comfortable in unfamiliar situations, appreciates strangeness, disorganized, adventurous,
talented at presentation, aggressive, attention seeking, experience junky, insensitive,
adaptable, not easily offended, messy, carefree, dangerous, fearless, careless, emotionally
stable, spontaneous, improviser, always joking, player, wild and crazy, dominant, acts without
thinking, not into organized religion, pro-weed legalization

favored careers:
dictator, computer consultant, international spy, tv producer, philosopher, comedian, music
performer, it consultant, fighter pilot, politician, diplomat, entertainer, game designer, bar
owner, freelance writer, creative director, strategist, news anchor, professional skateboarder,
airline pilot, comic book artist, college professor, private detective, mechanical engineer,
lecturer, ambassador, astronomer, research scientist, judge, web developer, scholar, fbi agent,
cia agent, electrical engineer, assassin

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